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Inazawa Bangaku Kagura-mai Performance いなざわばんがく
It is excellent for Noh with thing which chorus singer whom we dedicated as Shinto ritual of Mount Kamuro faith, ground dance become fixed form, and was completed in crow dance, meeting me, Mount Oe, the first half year including customary prelude.
We serve as celebration and village prayer of the New Year in central public hall of town in New Year's Day for New Year holidays and are danced and are danced now in Inazawa district training center on Ryoma mountain Fudo-son festival day on August 14.
[prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets: on May 17, 2002 designation]
  • Name Inazawa Bangaku Kagura-mai Performance
  • Schedule Every year New Year's Day, August 14
  • Location Kaneyama-machi, Mogami-gun
  • Contact information Kaneyamamachi center public hall
  • Phone number 0233-52-2902
  • FAX number 0233-52-2903
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[Last updated] December 07, 2016
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