Lion dance of Tsunagi

Lion dance of Tsunagi つなぎのししおどり
We are devoted and dance the night of August 15 by simple, heroic dance to dance in three lions of 1 crowding.
Legend is old, and it is said to be opening that defeated soldier of Heike danced in hope of house revival. We are comprised of 3 programs of "sekihigashihihasamiodori ri" "Tsunoda Nakamura dance" "17 descent", and, however, three lions dance powerfully calmly.

Place Yonezawa-shi 108, Tsunagi Ensho temple ruins
  • Name Lion dance of Tsunagi
  • Schedule Every year August 15 9:00-12:00
  • Location 108, Tsunagi, Yonezawa-shi (Tsunagi public hall) 
  • Contact information Tsunagi lion dance preservation society 
  • Phone number 0238-38-5623
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[Last updated] August 15, 2019
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