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Shoot Oguni Hachiman shrine bow; Shinto ritual おぐにはちまんぐうゆみいれしんじ
Shoot bow performed once in three years; no Shinto ritual
 Oguni, Tsuruoka-shi district is approximately 100 number of houses, farming and mountain village of a population of a little less than 400 people, more than 800 years ago castle was built for a long time, and barrier was put as point of traffic.
 As for the origin of Oguni bow, it is unknown, but, in 1567 (Eiroku 10), two bow books (rolled drapery) are conferred, and it seems that it became grand from these days.
 About style, according to the story of aged person, was said to have possibilities to be Ogasawara old manners, but; is unique; shoot, and it seems even if may be nichioki (come) style from expression, but do not belong to which school either; "Oguni first rank shoots and is inherited as expression".
 Although we were cut off at one time all over the wartime, Shinto ritual revives by enthusiasm of citizen of district in 1958 and receives designation of "former Atsumi-cho immaterial folk cultural assets" in 1986.
 Shinto ritual makes shooting gallery with snow outdoors once in three years, and youth dressed in hakama divided into the first arrow (already), the second arrow (otoya) is dedicated with one shoulder de-gino appearance now while cold wind blows.
 In addition, Oguni Castle ruins catches designation of country as historical precious historic spot in 2002. (than guidance held in 2010)

  • Name Shoot Oguni Hachiman shrine bow; Shinto ritual
  • Schedule ※Shinto ritual of February, 2018 is carried out on Sunday, February 25.
     It is performed in the end of February, 2021 on the next time.
  • Date Sunday, February 25, 2018
    ~ Sunday, February 25, 2018
  • Location Oguni, Tsuruoka-shi character Sawada
  • Contact information Oguni residents' association
  • Phone number 0235-47-2931
  • Remarks Venue: Oguni, Tsuruoka-shi character Sawada, Oguni contact village
    (old Oguni elementary school)
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[Last updated] January 24, 2018
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