Hijiori Hot Springs Yuza Shrine Festival

Hijiori Hot Springs Yuza Shrine Festival ひじおりおんせんゆざじんじゃまつり
Summer festival of Hijiori. Lively Festival is opened up for three days.
Festival of hot water seat Shrine of Hijiori Onsen (Yakushi Shinto shrine). "We drain light rou" on 17th and "amateur singing contest" is performed "sumo meeting" by main festival on 20th "disguise Bon festival dance meet" on 16th, and it is lively festival with local person, homecoming visitor, bather mingling.
  • Name Hijiori Hot Springs Yuza Shrine Festival
  • Schedule Three days of Saturday, August 16, 17th Sunday, 20th Wednesday
  • Location Minamiyama, Okura-mura, Mogami-gun
  • Contact information Hijiori Onsen tourist information center
  • Phone number 0233-76-2211
  • FAX number 0233-34-6107
  • URL http://hijiori.jp/
  • Access From Shinjo Station bus 55 minutes
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[Last updated] July 11, 2014
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