[ Sagae Festival]  Mikoshi-no-Saiten 

[ Sagae Festival]  Mikoshi-no-Saiten  みこしのさいてん
Outstanding Mikoshi Festival in Tohoku
"Festival of mikoshi" to give glory to the finale of Sagae Festival. Mikoshi congregate with high-spirited call of participants “Soiya soiya” at Sagae Station Square and the excitement of the audience reaches the climax.

This is unique mikoshi festival even in nationwide because 3 kinds of mikoshi, Edomae with the piquant call of “Soiya, soiya,” Kanagawa-shonan with the brave call of “Dokkoi, dokkoi,” and headquarter mikoshi from Sagae Hachimangu, get together.
Also, kid’s mikoshi with fresh call "Wasshoi, wasshoi" and festival music on the cart add to the fun of the festival.

Please check on the traffic regulation around downtown on the day of festival.
Free shuttle bus will be available from Michi-no-Eki Sagae and around Sagae Service Area of Yamagata Expressway to JR Sagae Station.
  • Name [ Sagae Festival]  Mikoshi-no-Saiten 
  • Date Sunday, September 15, 2019
  • Time 17:00-21:30
  • Location Sagae Hachiman-gu, Sagae Station Square, and others
  • Contact information Sagae-shi Cherry sightseeing section
  • Phone number 0237-86-2111
  • FAX number 0237-86-7100
  • Access From JR Sagae Station: approximately 10 min
    It is about ten minutes by car from Sagae I.C.
  • Parking lot Use of public transportation is strongly recommended on the day because traffic will be regulated and crowded
    Free shuttle bus available on the day.
  • Remarks Friday, September 13 stage Events/festival branch open space and stall city
    Blow off species of ancient horseback archery/stage Events/sweetfish grabbing collecting/Sankurambo on Saturday, September 14; meetings
    Festivals of Sunday, September 15 ancient rite, product trial horseback archery/Talent festival in our city/mikoshi
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[Last updated] October 02, 2019
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