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*mukiji "odoriyakunen*" ぶっこうじゆやくねんぶつ
We are informed for approximately 700 years
"choyakunen*" which advocates prayer to Buddha to dance
This Nembutsu Odori Dance performed at seat of Buddhist memorial service in anniversary of the temple founder's death dances while chief bonzes of a temple singing prayer to Buddha, and clapping bell.
Official name "*mukijiichimukijojinkaisankiodoriyakunen*" (roast manipulation Kiyu who is not similar who grow on, and carries totally do not sleep hit)

The beginning advocates prayer to Buddha calmly

All the Buddhist priests stand up and, except one Buddhist priest, praise prayer to Buddha around Buddhist altar

Knob and intonation follow prayer to Buddha and they move the whole body and seem to dance in a few minutes

We regain presence of mind again in a few minutes, and we praise prayer to Buddha calmly like beginning, and wait, and "odoriyakunen*" is finished afterwards
  • Name *mukiji "odoriyakunen*"
  • Schedule Every year November 17
  • Location 1-8-16, Kouji, Tendo-shi
  • Contact information Tendo-shi sightseeing product association
  • Phone number 023-653-1680
  • URL
  • Access From Tendo Station a 15-minute walk
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[Last updated] October 23, 2017
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