Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival)

Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival) だいにちにょらいわらじみこしまつり
Huge Waraji [Japanese sandal] with more than 4 meters in length parades
 There are a pair of “O-Waraji” which are 4 meters long and weigh more than 600kg in front of the seated statue of Dainichi-nyorai facing the former Niijuku Road, devoted in prayer for safely trip. In this traditional event, naked young men hold mikoshi with “O-Waraji” on top on their shoulder and parade around the town in the falling snow, praying for good health.
 As night falls, lots of locals gather for Osaito-yaki [sacred bonefire], Taimatsu [torch] Parade, and Yuki-doro [snow lantern].
 Unofficial participants are very welcome, so why don’t you try carrying Waraji Mikoshi on your shoulder with locals?

[Time Table]
15:00 Waraji Mikoshi starts
18:00 Yuki Doro [Snow lantern] is lighted
18:30 Taimatsu [torch] Parade starts
19:00 Osaito-yaki [sacred bonfire] is set fire
  • Name Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival)
  • Date Sunday, January 7, 2018
    ~ Sunday, January 7, 2018
  • Location Takahata-machi central shopping street
  • Contact information Takahata Town Tourist Association
  • Phone number 0238-57-3844
  • URL http://www.takahata.info/
  • Access From JR Takahata Station: 10 min by car
  • Parking lot Available (up to 40 lots)
  • Remarks "It blooms mahoroba winter, and, as part of "Takahata winter festival," Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan is held peony Festival" until Monday for from Friday, February 9 to 12th by the main venue. Peonies wrapped in straw-woven “Komo” are lighted up fantastically on snowy night.
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[Last updated] October 27, 2017
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