Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival)

Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival) だいにちにょらいわらじみこしまつり
Huge Waraji [Japanese sandal] with more than 4 meters in length parades
 Traditional event that naked youth carries mikoshi portable shrine of the "large straw sandals" on the shoulder and parades around the town while there are 4m in length that prays for security of trip, and was dedicated, "large straw sandals" more than weight 300� before Dainichi Buddha seated figure facing former Niijuku way, and snow falls and prays for health.
 As night falls, lots of locals gather for Osaito-yaki [sacred bonefire], Taimatsu [torch] Parade, and Yuki-doro [snow lantern].
 Unofficial participants are very welcome, so why don’t you try carrying Waraji Mikoshi on your shoulder with locals?

[Time Table]
15:00 Waraji Mikoshi starts
18:00 Yuki Doro [Snow lantern] is lighted
18:30 Taimatsu [torch] Parade starts
19:00 Osaito-yaki [sacred bonfire] is set fire
  • Name Dainichi-nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival (Takahata Winter Festival)
  • Date Sunday, January 13, 2019
    ~ Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • Location Takahata-machi central shopping street
  • Contact information Takahata Town Tourist Association
  • Phone number 0238-57-3844
  • URL http://www.takahata.info/
  • Access From JR Takahata Station: 10 min by car
  • Parking lot Available (up to 40 lots)
  • Remarks "It blooms mahoroba winter, and, as part of "Takahata winter festival," Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan is held peony Festival" until Monday for from Friday, February 8 to 11th by the main venue. Peonies wrapped in straw-woven “Komo” are lighted up fantastically on snowy night.
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[Last updated] January 07, 2019
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