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Takahata summer festival "green bamboo lantern Festival" 「あおたけちょうちんまつり」
From Akutsu Hachiman Shrine, we controlled omikoshi as Kariya overnight once a year in the current Takahata Itsukushima Shrine precincts night on 15, the night of 16th equal to fair.
When it has been inherited as lantern festival of Kariya then by houses of route that we take green bamboo that Yashiro river berini grows thick and we lower lantern to each and took omikoshi to and from, we are informed.
At Takahata district mall, we attach green bamboo lantern of 1-2 each house, and stand and hang the Naka at midnight from evening and one thousand several hundred dance girls dance new Takahata, Takahata flower shade leading and parade now.
  • Name Takahata summer festival "green bamboo lantern Festival"
  • Date Monday, August 15, 2016
    ~ Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  • Contact information Takahata-machi industry economy section
  • Phone number 0238-52-4482
  • FAX number 0238-52-1543
  • URL
  • Access Than Takahata Station car ten minutes
    From JR Takahata Station: 10 min by car
    From Fukushima Iizaka Interchange of Tohoku Expressway: 60 min by car
    From Tohoku Expressway Shiraishi I.C. car 60 minutes
  • Parking lot Approximately 150
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[Last updated] April 11, 2017
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