Kaminoyama-shi folk event help bird

Kaminoyama-shi folk event Kasedori" かみのやましみんぞくぎょうじ かせどり
Dash Iwai-mizu [blessed water] on Kasedori praying for grain fertility and prosperity in business!
In this traditional fork event of Kaminoyama, people dash Iwai-mizu on young men wearing straw raincoat called “Kendai,” which has come down from the Edo Era, praying for grain fertility and prosperity in business. Why don’t you come and join us to dash water vigorously?

◆<Date and Time>
  February 11, 2019 Monday (holiday)


 10:00 Praying Ceremony (at open space in front of the main gate, Kaminoyama-jo)
 About 11:00 help bird line leaves
 About 11:05 ~ Tokamachi mall ~ Yumachi district ~ Shin-Yu district ~
 ~ Futsukamachi street ~ JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station at about 12:10 in front of ~ Shin-Yu street ~ Futsukamachi plaza
 Starting ~ Ishizaki, Kawasaki district ~ Hayama district at about 13:30 in front of the ~ JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
 About 14:50 Ueyama fire department, Ueyama police station
 About 15:00 YAMAZAWA Ueyama shop, oban Ueyama shop
 About 15:15 York Benimaru Ueyama shop
 It is going to be finished at about 15:30

 (as ※ time is indication, we may be changed by weather. Thank you in advance for your understanding.)


◆In front of sale ... 11:00 ~ Kaminoyama Hot Spring tourist information center of help bird gourmet (plan)
Sale of "furankukase bird" by member of Kaminoyama-shi business and industry society youth group "help fowl-in-a-pot."
It is masterpiece which was particular about image of help bird!
It is finished as soon as we disappear.
・150 meals of furankukase bird 300 yen / limitation
・150 meals of help fowl-in-a-pot 500 yen / limitation

◆In front of sale ... 9:00 ~ Kaminoyama-jo Castle of help bird goods (plan)
kase bird support corps of kakkakka sells goods in conjunction with help bird this year.
Products full of warmth of few craft writers form a line elsewhere.

◆In front of behavior ... 9:00 ~ Kaminoyama-jo Castle of amazake (plan)
Behavior by sightseeing volunteer guides.
We drink hot amazake, and please wait for help bird beginning.
It is finished as soon as we disappear.

◆In front of sale ... 9:00 ~ Kaminoyama-jo Castle of Japanese oak rooming house noted product "natto grilled mochi" (plan)
We sell winter specialty "natto grilled mochi" of very popular Japanese oak rooming house this year last year.
Fluff burning hot in warming on the spot.
We are addicted once if we eat!
One 100 yen, 200 attributive plans
  • Name Kaminoyama-shi folk event help bird
  • Schedule Annually on February 11
  • Date Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Location The Kaminoyama-jo Castle (prayer type) ~ Ueyama city
  • Contact information (no company) Sightseeing product association of Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 023-672-0839
  • FAX number 023-673-3622
  • URL http://kaminoyama-spa.com/
  • Access To Kaminoyama-jo Castle that the ceremony of prayer is held, it is approximately 15 minutes on foot from JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
  • Parking lot Available
  • Remarks ○Straws slipped out of Kendai are regarded as lucky charm. When tied to a girl’s hair, it is said to bless her with black hair for all her life.

    ○You can learn more about Kasedori including its history on “Kasedori Hozon-kai” website.
  • Others ◆Request◆
    We hope that we do not pull up straw from Ken die (help bird) directly.
    Straw of mascot is straw which "fell" from help bird.
    Please keep mine taking away carefully.
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[Last updated] February 04, 2019
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