Takamatsu Kannon nude mochi pounding

Takamatsu Kannon nude mochi pounding たかまつかんのんはだかもちつき
We appreciate good harvest and are told as mochi pounding of seeing the old year out to pray for perfect state of health, my wife security.
We arrive and give 1,000 rice cakes with mallet up in the air.
We can see energetic nude mochi pounding in Takamatsu, Kaminoyama-shi meeting center.
We are considered to be intangible cultural properties of Kaminoyama-shi.
We hold in the middle of December in usual.

The first…It is for 9:30 ~ dedication
Shinto ritual…10:30 ~ light gidayu reciter's book temple
The second…It is for the ~ guest, public participation reception at 10:45
The third…It is for ~ executive committee at 11:45

※Behavior toward the general participation is 10:45 after time of ~.
  • Name Takamatsu Kannon nude mochi pounding
  • Schedule The middle of December
  • Date Sunday, December 15, 2019
  • Location Takamatsu meeting center (1515, Takamatsu, Kaminoyama-shi)
  • Contact information The House of Mitsuaki Takamatsu
  • Phone number 023-672-0440
  • Access Is car than Kaminoyama-Onsen Station; 15 minutes
  • Remarks Address/venue name: Takamatsu meeting center
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[Last updated] November 15, 2019
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