Kumano Shrine Annual Festival

Kumano Shrine Annual Festival くまのたいしゃれいたいさい
One of Japanese three Kumano
Annual Festival of Miyauchi Kumano Shrine
Industrial guardian angel, sankyushanenkan 300,000.
We collect faith as northeastern Ise Grand Shrine in Shinto shrine which developed as hallowed ground of the sky stand Buddhism.
It is counted by Japanese three Kumano.
"chigotago" (child taking part in a festive procession dance, court dance and music) is played for "the eve of a festival" of the first day in stage, and, during period of Festival, box bayoi, lion bayoi, Brahma the Creator bayoi, various events such as mikoshi descent are performed.
  • Name Kumano Shrine Annual Festival
  • Schedule July 25
  • Location 3707-1, Miyauchi, Nanyo-shi
  • Contact information Kumano-Taisha Shrine Office
  • Phone number 0238-47-7777
  • Access From Akayu Station car ten minutes
    Or it is 13 minutes on foot from Flower Nagai Line Miyauchi Station
  • Parking lot Available for large vehicle
  • PDF file PDF download
Access Map
[Last updated] June 15, 2018
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