Horetsu Shrine Annual Festival

Horetsu Shrine Annual Festival ほうれつじんじゃれいたいさい
"Koshikidaiga" which is dedicated with clothes which are full of ancient rites
Other than goshinyotogo, we wear clothes which are full of ancient rites, and, on horse, "koshikidaiga" that we are divided into red and white is dedicated
What was dedicated to festival on (1821) October 6 as Shinto ritual in 1821 is the same to cheer up the soul of ancestor of a lord in the former Yamagata feudal clan Mizunos that opening and reason, the form method reach Imperial Household Agency now.
  • Name Horetsu Shrine Annual Festival
  • Schedule Average year October 6
  • Location 7-47, Sakuracho, Yamagata-shi
  • Contact information Horetsu Shrine
  • Phone number 023-642-7108
  • Access From Yamagata Station: 10 min on foot
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[Last updated] August 09, 2017
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