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Hassaku Festival (Hachiko Shrine Festivals) はっさくまつり(はちこじんじゃさい)
Festival of wind calming down to pray for in large make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma of Buddhist monk
Large make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma is lighted in front yard of Hachiko Shrine at the Haguro mountaintop by Buddhist monk performing line of peak in autumn following ascetic practices of initiator Prince Hachikono-Oji in one of the mountaineering asceticism acts of God of Dewasanzan shrine, and good harvest and my wife security are prayed for.
As we did the previous night in Festival which quiets wind so that rice which grew is not smashed with festival day from August 1 of the lunar calendar, we call with Hassaku Festival.
  • Name Hassaku Festival (Hachiko Shrine Festivals)
  • Schedule Every year from August 31 to September 1
  • Time 22:00 ~ (annual festival)
  • Location Mt. Haguro, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi 33
  • Contact information Dewasanzan Jinja Shrine
  • Phone number 0235-62-2355
  • URL
  • Access From JR Tsuruoka Station: 50 min by bus bound for Haguro Sancho
    From Shonai Asahi Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 40 min by car
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