Dewasanzan shrine Annual Festival (Flower Day)

Dewasanzan shrine Annual Festival (Flower Day) でわさんざんじんじゃれいたいさい(はなまつり)
Annual Festival of Dewasanzan shrine to pray for rich harvest, my wife security
Mikoshi of Miyama parades around Mitarashi Pond (legend of a mirror-pond), and line of mikoshi increases Brahma the Creator who put artificial flower which we likened to flower of rice.
After having gone around reason, legend of a mirror-pond when flower offered before the alter from ancient times has miracle as charm, lucky charm of good harvest, worshipers who filled up the precincts scramble for this flower.
  • Name Dewasanzan shrine Annual Festival (Flower Day)
  • Schedule Every year July 15
  • Location Mt. Haguro, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi 33
  • Contact information Dewasanzan Jinja Shrine
  • Phone number 0235-62-2355
  • URL
  • Access From JR Tsuruoka Station: 50 min by bus bound for Haguro Sancho
    From Shonai Asahi Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 40 min by car
  • Parking lot For ordinary vehicle: up to 410 lots available
    For large vehicle: up to 20 lots available
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[Last updated] June 30, 2017
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