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Rokusho Shrine annual festival ろくしょじんじゃれいさい
We dedicate enlarged rooms on the second floor to annual festival Sun on April 20 every year in in front of God.
In addition, we are informed when we make with white azalea of other ponds of Hakusan Shinto shrine nearly shield for the world Heian era, and Kuki Nagatonokami of the master of flat form shield dedicated humped-head goldfish.
  • Name Rokusho Shrine annual festival
  • Schedule April 20
  • Location Kamifujishima, Tsuruoka-shi character six Tokorohata
  • Contact information Fujishima, Tsuruoka-shi Government building industry section
  • Phone number 0235-64-2111
  • FAX number 0235-64-4280
  • Access From Fujishima Station a 5-minute walk
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[Last updated] March 19, 2015
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