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Sasano Kannon 17 temple Festivals ささのかんのんじゅうしちどうさい
As it is old and was performed on December 17 in the old calendar, it is called seeing the old year out Festival.
Boil Buddhist monks, and, on January 17, prayer of Festivals light goma is begun at 2:00 p.m. every year.
In the precincts of Kannondo, asceticism of walk over firing to pray for perfect state of health is carried out.
Japanese radish juice and amazake are served in the precincts.
Stall of carving with a single knife stands in front of Kannondo on that day and is full of hawk poppo and Sasano flower of Sasano Itto Carvings, Ebisu Oguro, people seeking mascots of the twelve signs of the zodiac all day.
Flower hut selling Sasano carving and Sasano flower of the precincts appears from about half past 8 a.m. to about half past 5 p.m.
There is handing down that weather is in confusion by all means, and there is more taste in snowy stall city.

We apply for one where prayer is expected from in general one by 30 minutes ago
Prayer charges 5,000 yen
Person desired comes to want charm (500 yen) of walk over firing beforehand in label ground, and please participate by walk over firing.
(small children less than elementary school three years cannot do walk over firing.)
  • Name Sasano Kannon 17 temple Festivals
  • Schedule Every year January 17
  • Time Shinto ritual by Buddhist ascetic from 14:00.
  • Location 5686-5, Sasanohoncho, Yonezawa-shi
  • Contact information The House of Sasano Kannon Yukinori
  • Phone number 0238-38-5517
  • URL
  • Access From JR Yonezawa Station a 5-minute walk from bus "Sasano Daimon" for Shirabu getting off
  • Parking lot 50 lots available
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[Last updated] December 20, 2017
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