Horohado new year festival

Horohado new year festival ほろはどうのとしこしまつり
On December 4, mochi pounding naked than early morning is carried out every year in 1,000 eyes temple soft feather temples.
After winding up sand of the space under the floor of soft feather temple which is product God when pest occurred in the (1641) Kubota district in 1641, insect disperses. We make rice cake with rice which villager harvested with thanks, and it is conveyed with opening what we offered in soft feather temple.
Rice cake costs dearly, and it is said so as to reach ceiling while singing song with rice cake when there is benefit as rice cake with soot of ceiling.
  • Name Horohado new year festival
  • Schedule Every year December 4
  • Location 1861, Kubotamachikubota, Yonezawa-shi
  • Contact information 1,000 eyes temple soft feather temples
  • Phone number 0238-37-3708
  • Access From Yonezawa Station bus 15 minutes
  • Parking lot Available
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[Last updated] February 15, 2017
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