Mahoroba Fuyuzaki Botan Festival

Mahoroba Fuyuzaki Botan Festival まほろばふゆさきぼたんまつり
“Contrast between white and red” is spreading through town
Large peonies proudly bloom in “komo” [straw-woven matting]
In “Mahoroba Fuyuzaki Botan Festival” as winter Hanami [blossom viewing] event, brightly bloomed peonies add colors in all white winter scenery.
Large blooming peonies wrapped in straw-woven “komo” are very tasteful
  • Name Mahoroba Fuyuzaki Botan Festival
  • Date Friday, February 8, 2019
    ~ Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Location JR Takahata Station "Taiyo-kan" (main site)
  • Contact information Takahata Town Tourist Association
  • Phone number 0238-57-3844
  • FAX number 0238-57-4178
  • URL
  • Admission Free
  • Access JR Takahata Station Front
    From Fukushima Iizaka Interchange of Tohoku Expressway: 60 min by car
    From Shiroishi Interchange of Tohoku Expressway: 60 min by car
  • Parking lot Available
  • Remarks [Drop by nearby Hot Springs]
    "Mahoroba Onsen"
    Popular hot spring among women with soft water
    Its water is mild alkalic and warms up body very well.
    In the premise of JR Takahata Station
    [Mukudori-no-Yume-kan - Nukumori-no-Yu]
    From Takahata Station: about 20 min on foot
    Contact Takahata Town Tourist Association
    Telephone 0238-57-3844 

    "Akayu Onsen"
    Hot spring with more than 900 years of history.
    In the era of domain duties, this famous hot spring was protected as property of Uesugi Family.
    Access: Take downbound train on Ohu Honsen at JR Takahata Station for 4 min
    to JR Akayu Station, then drive 5 min by car from the station.
    Contact Akayu Onsen inn cooperative
    Telephone 0238-43-3114
  • Others During the festival period, admission to the lounge of Taiyokan is free.
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