Make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma society

Make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma society さいとうごまえ
We burn one, shiba of Jionji event
Festival which does prayer to extinguish the accomplishment, worldly desires
shiba is piled up on goma furnace in peak of mountains high, and mountaineering ascetic dressed in Buddhist monk climbs mountain for signal by sound of conch than this Domae.
While we keep the make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma method, head priest lights shiba and we put prayer sentence of charm purified by holy fire for invocation which we wrote the name of believers in flame and blazing flame into reading, fire and pray for wish accomplishment, worldly desires extinction de-o.
We accept general prayer.
  • Name Make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma society
  • Schedule Every year Sep second Sunday
  • Location Jionji, Motoyama
    31, Jionji, Sagae-shi
  • Contact information Jionji office of a temple
  • Phone number 0237-87-3993
  • URL
  • Admission General prayer: 1,000 yen

    ※[October 02, 2019] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access From Sagae Station car 15 minutes
    From Sagae I.C. car 20 minutes
  • Parking lot Please use Jionji parking lot
Access Map
[Last updated] October 02, 2019
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