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We worship a little ややまつり
Pastime that gives poetic charm to small New Year holidays to be known as northeastern strange festival nationwide
In Festival which has been performed for a long time in Chigawara, Shonai-machi district in the middle of January of intense cold, we pray for easy delivery and perfect state of health, body staunchness. After 5-14-year-old boy who only touched waist 1st stomach which we made for candor with straw called Ken die bathing in cold water on purification ceremony stand, and doing line, and having gone around the village, we pray at Shinto shrine.
  • Name We worship a little
  • Schedule Sunday when it is almost January 15 every year
  • Date Sunday, January 14, 2018
    ~ Sunday, January 14, 2018
  • Location Chigawara, Shonai-machi Hachiman Shrine
  • Contact information Shonai-machi Tourist Association
  • Phone number 0234-42-2922
  • Parking lot No
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[Last updated] March 16, 2017
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