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Yamagata-shi Hatsu-ichi やまがたしはついち
New Year’s Seasonal Tradition of Yamagata
for about 400 years
This event started in the early Edo Era and has been held for about 400 years since.
During the reign of Yoshiaki Mogami, there used be a street where periodical markets were held; then it became an annual Ichi-gami Matsuri [festival of Market God] on January 10 with lots of street booths along Toka-machi and Nanuka-machi. This annual Ichigami Matsuri is said to be the origin.
Many products are sold at street booths including vegetables such as “Kabu” [turnip] likened to Kabu [market stock] and “Shiro-hige” [kind of green onion] as a symbol of longevity; also lucky charms such as “Hatsu Ame” [first candy of the new year] and “Dango-gi” [branch with dumplings pierced]. More than 200,000 people visit the event from in and out of Yamagata-shi. Annually held on January 10.               
  • Name Yamagata-shi Hatsu-ichi
  • Schedule Annually January 10
  • Time 10:00-17:00
  • Location Alongside of National Route 112 in Toka-machi, Hon-cho, and Nanuka-machi of Yamagata-shi (Toka-machi, Hon-cho, Nanuka-machi, Asahi Ginza, Ichiban Shotengai roadside)
  • Contact information Yamagata Chamber of Commerce
  • Phone number 023-622-4666
  • FAX number 023-622-4668
  • URL
  • Access From JR Yamagata Station: 15 min on foot
  • Parking lot Please use pay parking lot around.
  • Remarks Traffic will be regulated.
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