Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival

Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival にほんいちのいもにかいふぇすてぃばる
Imoni society that both taste and scale are the most number one in Japan!
As autumn arrives in Yamagata, family and friends gather at the riverbed and put cobbles together to make a furnace; then enjoy outdoor one-pod cooking “Imoni-kai” with taro, beef, konnyaku, and green onion. The arrival of “Imoni-kai” season is announced by “Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival” which is held every September in Mamigasaki, Yamagata-shi.
Imoni society that both taste to cook about 30,000 meals with large pan more than 6m and scale are right number one in Japan in Events which Yamagata Chamber of Commerce youth group began in 1989.
  • Name Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival
  • Schedule The day before "Respect for the Aged Day" in September
  • Location Riverbed in Mamigasaki, Yamagata-shi (near Sotsuki-bashi)
  • Contact information Nihon-ichi-no Imonikai Festival Secretariat (Yamagata Chamber of Commerce)
  • Phone number 023-622-0141
  • FAX number 023-622-0146
  • URL
  • Admission For further information, please check our web site.

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  • Remarks For further information, please check our web site.
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