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Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival にほんいちのいもにかいふぇすてぃばる
Literally, Best Imonikai in Japan!
“Imoni-kai,” seasonal tradition of autumn in Yamagata
As autumn arrives in Yamagata, family and friends gather at the riverbed and put cobbles together to make a furnace; then enjoy outdoor one-pod cooking “Imoni-kai” with taro, beef, konnyaku, and green onion.
The arrival of “Imoni-kai” season is announced by “Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival” which is held every September in Mamigasaki, Yamagata-shi.
Originally started in 1989 by Yamagata Chamber of Commerce Youth Group, this is the most delicious and biggest Imoni-kai event with a large pan with 6 meters in diameter in Japan.

[Rain-or-shine event; might be canceled by bad weather]
  • Name Nihon-ichi-no Imoni-kai Festival
  • Schedule The day before "Respect for the Aged Day" in September
  • Location Riverbed in Mamigasaki, Yamagata-shi (near Sotsuki-bashi)
  • Contact information Nihon-ichi-no Imonikai Festival Secretariat (Yamagata Chamber of Commerce)
  • Phone number 023-622-0141
  • FAX number 023-622-0146
  • URL
  • Admission For further information, please check our web site.
  • Remarks For further information, please check our web site.
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