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Grape picking (Nanyo-shi) ぶどうがり
Nanyo-shi is considered to be the grape production of Yamagata Prefecture birthplace, and there is the history for approximately 300 years after Kanabori person where we came to from Koshu in the Date Han (Date Clan) times of the 17th century conveyed cultivation technology. We established sightseeing vineyard at straight production center of eminent grape in the whole country from 1960. Wine of four city wineries during period holds all-you-can-drink wine Festival.

[2015 sightseeing grape picking]
Open: It is the middle of October from Sunday, July 26
  • Name Grape picking (Nanyo-shi)
  • Schedule From early August to early October
  • Location Nanyo-shi
  • Contact information Nanyo-shi Tourism Association
  • Phone number 0238-40-2002
  • FAX number 0238-43-7310
  • URL
  • Access [the Shinkansen]
    JR Tokyo Station → The Yamagata Shinkansen (two hours 13 minutes) → JR Akayu Station (Nanyo-shi)
    Tokyo (Kawaguchi JCT) → Tohoku Expressway (four hours 276km) → Fukushima (Iizaka, Fukushima IC) → Route 13 (one hour) → Nanyo-shi
  • Remarks Venue: City sightseeing vineyard [we pick off, and bamboo grass comes Sato vineyard, Zijin garden Urushiyama orchard]
    Admission It is 600 yen, infant 300 yen more than primary schoolchild
        (please refer for Urushiyama orchard (0238-43-3739) directly.)
    <Time> 9:00-17:00
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[Last updated] July 22, 2015
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