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Hijiori Hot Springs Nameko kokeshi doll Festival ひじおりおんせんきょうなめここけしまつり
In specially made Nameko stew and beautiful autumn colors, we enjoy autumn of Hijiori!
Big Events of Hijiori Onsen autumn! It is the 53rd holding in this year.
Hijiori Onsen specialite de la maison soup which made sake lees secret ingredient to base in chicken Gullahs of regional chicken as for the Nameko stew. Raw wood Nameko and Hijiori tofu are plentiful there. Inevitable death that body warms repeatedly with one article as for a lot of fans looking forward to every year sold out.
In addition, unique Events including "sake tasting meeting" is varied spot sale society and "Nameko chopsticks handful competition" and "Nameko holder collecting meet" of Hijiori kokeshi doll in venue. Colored leaves can enjoy autumn Hijiori in climax, too.
  • Name Hijiori Hot Springs Nameko kokeshi doll Festival
  • Date Monday, November 6, 2017
    ~ Monday, November 6, 2017
  • Time Until from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Location Hijiori Ideyu-kan
    (Hijiori Onsen 451-2, Okura-mura, Mogami-gun )
  • Contact information Hijiori Onsen tourist information center
  • Phone number 0233-76-2211
  • FAX number 0233-34-6107
  • URL
  • Admission Ticket at the Gate: 450 yen
    ※It includes rice ball (nothing) to Nameko stew.
    (advance ticket 400 yen)
  • Access From JR Shinjo Station bus 55 minutes
  • Remarks [10:10 ~]
    ◇Offer (yukinko hall) of Nameko stew
    ◇Kokeshi doll spot sale (training room)
    ◇Sake tasting meet (training room)
    [10:20 ~]
    ◇Straight Nameko holder collecting meet (Events open space)
    [12:20 ~]
    ◇Nameko chopsticks handful competition (yukinko hall)
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[Last updated] September 01, 2017
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