Sakata Port Festival, Jinku Nagashi Dance Parade

Sakata Port Festival, Jinku Nagashi Dance Parade さかたみなとまつり・じんくながし
Prosperity jaomahenka♪
On Sakata lively folk song, dance parade by approximately 2,000 citizens is developed in central shopping street of city.
In the lyrics that way of prosperity of Minato, Sakata by goods-carrying merchant ship trade from the Edo era is shown to well, "port prosperity jaomahenka where Sakata is good for Honma" and Kansai dialect enter, and influence of upper part culture is seen, too.
This Sakata lively folk song is still sung as song of room.
In addition, in S-Jinku with Sakata lively folk song as up tempo, we can excite venue with interpretive dance.
  • Name Sakata Port Festival, Jinku Nagashi Dance Parade
  • Schedule Friday on the day before every year Sakata fireworks show
  • Location In front of Sakata-shi main street green tract of land Park
  • Contact information Sakata Tourism and Product Association
  • Phone number 0234-24-2233
  • URL
  • Access From JR Sakata Station: 6 min by car
    From Sakata Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: about 15 min by car
  • Parking lot None
  • Others For more details, (no company) please see from HP of Sakata tourism production association
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[Last updated] December 23, 2018
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