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Hirashio Bugaku [court dance and music] ひらしおぶがく
Designated as Yamagata prefectural intangible folklore cultural asset
Started in Tenpyo Era, Hirashio Bugaku is a style of court dance and music passed down among local farmers, and has experienced a lots of transition; it is also said to be influenced by Kyoto Bugaku which is long gone.
Bugaku is performed from 1:30pm on April 3 every year at Kumano Shrine where the banners of festival are flagging.

April 2 nichizennichisaimaigaku*jogogo 2:00 ~

April 3 Annual Festival 11:00 a.m. ~
      Bugaku performance from 1:30pm
  • Name Hirashio Bugaku [court dance and music]
  • Schedule Every year April 3
  • Location Hirashio, Sagae-shi
  • Contact information Chief priest of Hirashio Kumano Shrine
  • Phone number 090-2362-6053
  • Remarks Designated as prefectural intangible folklore cultural asset on May 28, 1979
    When you come by car, please use chierikuapaku parking lot.
    It takes about 20 minutes on foot.
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