Mogami-machi direct marketing stamp rally

Mogami-machi Direct marketing stamp rally モガミマチ サンチョクスタンプラリー
Let's collect stamps by direct marketing in Mogami-machi!
We get stamp by shopping more than 500 yen.
We collect stamps of 3 stores among 5 stores, and let's aim at goal!

◆ Privilege 1 ◆
Store naradehano by direct marketing (3 store eyes) of goal
We present product (300 yen equivalency)!

◆ Privilege 2 ◆
When we collect stamps for 3 stores and apply
Five people win Mogami-machi special product by lot!

Direct marketing of Mogami-machi
[incense of the direct marketing four seasons] (River Station Yana-cha-ya Mogami (tea house))  0233-44-2577
[teahouse of plateau] (Maemori Highlands beerhouse)     0233-43-3522
[we see direct marketing oku] (advantageous hall Malle to be crazy about house)     0233-43-3028
[village of direct marketing bell] (Hojin no Ie)       090-2361-6396
[go to direct marketing, and it is impossible to do] (hall which go to "Oku-no hosomichi" Akakura, and it is impossible to do) 0233-45-3533

Downloading of direct marketing stamp rally flyer is Mogami-machi tourist association HP
  • Name Mogami-machi direct marketing stamp rally
  • Date Saturday, October 6, 2018
    ~ Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • Contact information Mogami-machi Sangyo Shinko Center 
  • Phone number 0233-43-2340
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[Last updated] October 09, 2018
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