Recruitment of one-day bus tour monitors! "One wine birth story"

Recruitment of one-day bus tour monitors! "One wine birth story" ひがえりばすつあーもにたーぼしゅう!いっぽんのわいんたんじょうものがたり
We enjoy "we learn and make and drink" at production center of historical Japanese wine of 120 rest of life
In wine birthplace Nanyo-shi of Yamagata, we carry out monitor tour to drink, and to compare, and to be able to enjoy (sampling) of wine of experience for making original wine only for you and five companies in Nanyo-shi. It recruits participants.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Akayu Station east exit 9:00 (person coming by train)
Shelter nanyo hall/Nanyo-shi Cultural Center lobby (person coming by car) 9:10
※Please stop driving after drinking. You have person who is not drunk drive, or please use public transport.

[tour costs]
Monitor price 9,500 yen (tax-included)
※Tour costs include experience charges, lunch charges, premium.
※Nanyo-shi employment creation meeting bears bus fare from meeting place, the fee for use of facility.
※The postage of wine which we made in wine training experience is necessary separately. On the day please pay.

30 (five minimum passenger count)
※As they offer alcohol, people under 20 cannot apply.

Japan tourist Yamagata
TEL 0238-47-2134
FAX 0238-47-5976

※This monitor tour is available as part of practice type area employment creation business of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We let sightseeing activate and aim at increasing work place. We will have cooperation for questionnaire to participants for attractive tour product development.
※I would like cooperation for photography and coverage such as the media.
※We may use photograph of tour Naka, questionnaire result in various printed matter, Web, SNS, other public information mediums.

Joint plan Nanyo-shi employment creation meeting
Trip plan, conduct � Japan tourist Yamagata
  • Name Recruitment of one-day bus tour monitors! "One wine birth story"
  • Date Wednesday, September 12, 2018
    ~ Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Location Nanyo-shi
  • Contact information Nanyo-shi employment creation meeting
  • Phone number 0238-43-4552
  • URL
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