Kahoku delicacy bystreet of one-night stand of stopping by hit how; do not obtain

Of one-night stand Kahoku delicacy bystreet Of stopping by hit how; do not obtain いちやかぎりの かほくうまいものよこちょう よるのどうぶつえん
Delicious food is a lot of height! Is it night zoo tenanda?
It is Events full of plans that night of Kahoku-cho is happy!
The seventh becomes held; "hit how, Kahoku delicacy bystreet of one-night stand does not get of stopping by"!
It is local Events calling out visitors more than about 10,000 in average year.

More than 30 stores including restaurant in the town block open a store, and limited menu to be able to taste only here and the best push gourmet of shop taste with one place and can enjoy "delicacy" that there is many.
Drink including persimmon ice and juice, beer and highball is enriched, too!

From this year shopping in venue with "cash voucher" is purchased.
As on the day the cash voucher section is arranged as for the cash voucher in the venue, please buy in that place. In addition, we sell advance ticket.
The purchase of advance ticket lists in flyer.
In addition, advance ticket has privilege!

<Location> Kahoku-cho government office south side parking lot
<Time> 17:00-21:30
Parking lot: Public facilities of neighborhood, each bank parking lot, Hebei townsman gymnasium

※On the day microbus leaves to venue from Hebei townsman gymnasium.

In adjacent Kahoku-cho child Zoo, scooping goldfish and woodwork craft are carried out other than sheep, goat, contact experience with rabbit.

If say Kahoku-cho, slippers!
Did you know? In Kahoku-cho, slippers production is number one in Japan.
We do "Kahoku slippers tobashi championship" this year♪

We can be satisfied from adult to child,
It is night pleasant Events of midsummer!
We come by all means, everybody, and let's kick
  • Name Kahoku delicacy bystreet of one-night stand of stopping by hit how; do not obtain
  • Date Saturday, August 3, 2019
    ~ Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • Time 17:00-21:30
  • Location 〒 999-3511 sankeikenseimurasangunkawakitachotanijibo 81
    Kahoku-cho government office south side parking lot, Kahoku-cho child Zoo
  • Contact information Kahoku area creation young man meeting
  • Phone number 0237-73-4166
  • Access JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station → Taxi (20 minutes)/bus (25 minutes)
    JR Sagae Station → Taxi (20 minutes)/bus (25 minutes)
    Yamagata Airport → Taxi (ten minutes)
    Sagae I.C → National Highway No. 112 → Route 347 (20 minutes)
    Higashine I.C → Route 287 (seven minutes)
  • Parking lot sahato beni flower, townsman gymnasium (each free of charge)
    From 17:00 on that day from townsman gymnasium entrance
    Microbus leaves sequentially.
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[Last updated] July 19, 2019
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