★*boheitembun Festival in summer 2018 "invitation to the Milky Way starlit sky"

★* Boudaira Tembun Era Festival in summer 2018 "The Milky Way Invitation to starlit sky"
★Contents ~ of ~ starlit sky observation society★

We set up various astronomical telescopes and look forward to.
Commentary of leader includes and can see. There is commentary of constellation, too.

☆*toya is the greatest period of the Perseids. It will be that a lot of shooting stars fly!
☆The beautiful Milky Way to see in *bohei is impression. We see innumerable stars with binoculars.
☆A lot of planets are seen in *imakai (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars)
☆Let's look at *hoshikumo, star cluster, double star.

・It is free to do comings and goings of the observation society middle
・In the case of rainy weather, cloudy sky, it is called off.

★Sponsorship Yamagata Tembun Era club
★Support Kaminoyama-shi, Kaminoyama-shi Board of Education, Yamagata-shi Board of Education, Zao Bodaira sightseeing meeting
  • Name ★*boheitembun Festival in summer 2018 "invitation to the Milky Way starlit sky"
  • Date Saturday, August 11, 2018
    ~ Sunday, August 12, 2018
  • Time 19:30-21:00
    (comings and goings freedom of the observation society middle)
  • Location Zao bodaira highland ZAO tairagura (along echo line parking lot of Campsite entrance)
  • Contact information The Yamagata Tembun Era club secretariat (Sato)
  • Phone number 080-5221-9318
  • URL http://www.yamaten.sakura.ne.jp/
  • Admission Free
  • Access It is along Zao Echo Line
    Parking lot of Campsite entrance
  • Parking lot Available
  • Remarks ・Prior application and entrance fee are all unnecessary

    ・Parking of participant, please use boudaira plateau parking lot. Administration such as vehicles is by participant each person, please.

    ・Participant is activity at dark place not to make any accident and injury particularly at night. Please act by responsibility of each person.

    ・One where is lower than junior high student assumes protector companion.
  • PDF file PDF download
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