Civic skiing meet

Civic skiing meet しみんすきーたいかい
We hold civic skiing meet
Event: Part of junior high student, part of high school student, part (39 years old or younger) of young man, part (younger than 49 years old 40 years old or older) which is in the first half of the prime of life, part (50 years old or older) which is in the latter half in the prime of life, part of parent and child pair, part of group opposition
※All the items are giant rolls
  • Name Civic skiing meet
  • Schedule February 11, 2018 (Sundays and holidays) ※Deadline for application: Friday, January 19
  • Time 8:00 ~ acceptance
    9:30 ~ competition start
  • Location doteriji skiing area
  • Contact information The city life Sports Division
  • Phone number 0238-88-5661
  • Admission Participation fee: 200 yen per person
  • Remarks Please refer to the city life Sports Division or doteriji skiing area hut (0238-88-1187) for participation qualification, application method Details.
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[Last updated] December 27, 2017
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