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The sixth 100 long autumn lake festivals だい6回 ながいひゃくしゅうこまつり
We hold the sixth 100 autumn lakes Festival having a long
We hold lake Festival this year in 100 long autumns when Events is varied! Double feature that Courses can choose visit and walking of Nagai Dam that opened place that we cannot usually look at! We operate boat touring to go three deep waters Valley upstream! Let's enjoy autumn taste and autumn colors!
  • Name The sixth 100 long autumn lakes Festival
  • Schedule Sunday, October 29, 2017
  • Location Learn Nogawa; hall (main meeting place)
  • Contact information Learn Nogawa; hall, person in charge of city construction section city planning, Nagai Dam Administration branch
  • Phone number 0238-87-0605
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[Last updated] October 02, 2017
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