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The third Super Senior SUPER where Soccer2017 sparkles lively Look at AGE (0-80) soccer in Yamagata; meeting だいさんかいすーぱーしにあさっかー2017いきいきかがやくすーぱーえいじ(0-80)さっかーいんやまがたもがみたいかい
Area and ring of interchange beyond generation spread
It is health led by people 60 years or older and festival of the welfare. Elderly person and primary schoolchild make health promotion and physical training and purposes of life through soccer interchange happily more than generation. We can undergo medical examination with healthy measuring machine in venue. There is sale of special product of Mogami-machi, too. Full time is 40 minutes (20 minutes half). It is Events to hold for the purpose of local interchange and regional activation.
Special match: Super grandfather team (70-80 years old or older) VS Mogami-machi elementary school team
  • Name Shining SUPER AGE (0-80) soccer in Yamagata sees lively the third Super Senior Soccer2017; meeting
  • Date Saturday, October 14, 2017
    ~ Sunday, October 15, 2017
  • Location Most Kamimachinishi Park multi-purpose ground
  • Contact information Receive SUPER AGE (0-80) soccer in Yamagata shining lively; meeting executive committee
  • Phone number 0233-43-4567
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[Last updated] September 29, 2017
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