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Side field owner and Shinsoba "making soba" participation offer そばばたけおーなーとしんそば「そばうち」さんかぼしゅう
Under recruitment of side field owners and Sunday, November 12 new side "making soba" participation offer!
 Does it not become "side field owner" in Higashihoden of a lot of nature playing Shirakawa, Mogami-machi?
 There is to Soba Making Experience with buckwheat flour which oneself made unless this approach to be the twelfth year in this year has own field toward Mogami-machi and we wind up kind and harvest and enjoy agriculture.
 We have Shinsoba "making soba" on Sunday, November 12. We can participate other than "making soba" owner. After the making soba, we can enjoy "taste of Mogami" that mother of Higashihoden handcrafted heartily ♪ Shirakawa Dam of upper vast Japanese red pine and Shirakawa of Yamagata Prefecture cultural assets designation natural monument in neighborhood is superb view point which the fresh green and colored leaves can enjoy!
Entrance fee: Half price lower than primary schoolchild of 2000 yen per person (it includes lunch charges)
Option: Shiitake is free to take and, after lunch, can participate. (one bag of 500 yen)
  • Name Side field owner and Shinsoba "making soba" participation offer
  • Date Sunday, November 12, 2017
    ~ Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • Location 417, Higashihoden, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata
  • Contact information 090-1934-7222 (Ikuko Shibazaki)
  • Phone number 090-1934-7222 (Ikuko Shibazaki)
  • FAX number 0233-43-4144 (Shibasaki store)
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[Last updated] October 10, 2017
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