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Dewa San-zan symphony でわさんざんしんふぉにー
It is ~ by mountain sound sound for recollection of space-time ~ Dewa San-zan 1400
Dewa San-zan which continued ticking away history of 1400 as sacred place of mountain worship the climax of mountaineering asceticism, and was authorized to "Japan inheritance" in 2016. Japanese sacred place that revivifies our soul while Mt. Gassan being past, and Mount Yudono controlling the future at the present, and Mt. Haguro-san being valid. We listen carefully in message from the ancient times while mentioning story of beginning of this mountain this time and read thought in 1400 quenching modern us. Orchestra performance the outdoors that are very rare in Japan. Against a backdrop of "legend of a mirror-pond to be said to be beginning of faith in Mt. Haguro-san of blue heavens filled with greenery," please enjoy performance of Yamagata Symphony Orchestra.

★Look at concert picture of last year than link [Dewa San-zan symphony (H28. 10.10 holding)] of the lower right.
  • Name Dewa San-zan symphony
  • Date Monday, September 18, 2017
  • Time Opening 14:00/ start 15:00
  • Location Dewasanzan shrine (7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi)
    ※Rainy weather: Fujishima, Tsuruoka-shi gymnasium (1-1-1, Fujinohana, Tsuruoka-shi)
  • Contact information Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting
  • Phone number 023-630-2371
  • URL
  • Admission ○Advance ticket
    1,000 yen lower than general 2,000 yen high school student
    ○Ticket at the Gate:
    1,500 yen lower than general 2,500 yen high school student
    ※All seat freedom

    [the ticket handling]
    Ticket PIA, the mountain sound secretariat
    [ticket inquiry]
    Mountain sound ticket service
    �: 023-625-2204 (from 10:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • Access ○Bus in the case of the use
    Terminal gets off Tsuruoka Station in (for Shonai Kotsu bus, Mt. Haguro-san) for 50 minutes.
    When climb stone stairway of Omotesando, is the bus; Haguro Shinto car of the same discipline.
    ○In the case of car
    From Yamagata Expressway, Tsuruoka I.C, it is approximately 45 minutes via Tsuruoka, Haguro line.
    It is approximately 40 minutes from Shonai ASAHI I.C.
    It is approximately 45 minutes from Shonai Airport.
    Free shuttle bus service (please see the following PDF file in detail.)
  • Parking lot Ltd. (please see the following PDF file in detail.)
  • Remarks We will tell about venue change at the time of rainy weather on Yamagata Symphony Orchestra homepage and Events formula Facebook the day before at about 13:00 on 9/17 Sunday. In addition, we call off performance the day before when conduct on the Mt. Haguro-san mountaintop is decided when on the day sudden rain falls.
  • PDF file PDF download
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