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mogami MTB meeting in Akakura skiing area もがみMTBたいかいいんあかくらすきーじょう
Let's run by bicycle in grassy plain
Meeting makes dangerous gap, wash board entirely. To physical strength of each person; can run. Endurance race has a lot of width for three hours. Even general bicycle can participate casually. There is DJ of Mcjori and heaps up meeting place in music that there was of request from player. "Akakura Onsen accommodation plan" that does in pre-night, and can thoroughly enjoy meal of Mogami-machi prepares. There is "school of bean" of "yamame studio" temple castle Masaru on the day before meeting.
Participation fee: Challenge Courses 1,000 yen
     Three hours durability XC Courses public 3,000 yen 
                   Junior high student 2,500 yen 
                   Primary schoolchild 1,000 yen
The application deadline: Saturday, August 13
  • Name mogami MTB meeting in Akakura skiing area
  • Date Sunday, August 27, 2017
  • Location Mogami-machi Akakura skiing area
  • Contact information The association of Yamagata mountain bike secretariat
  • Phone number 0237-42-0561
  • URL
  • Access Is car than Tohoku Expressway Furukawa IC; one hour ten minutes
  • Remarks It depends on too diligent studio, temple castle Masaru on the day before meeting
    We hold "yamameno school".
    Class reservation time
     General (more than high school student) from 9:00 to 15:00
     Kids (less than junior high student) from 15:30 to 17:30
    Application to "yamame studio" homepage
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[Last updated] July 04, 2017
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