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Traditional Japanese playing card dojo studio henteriji karuta society ひゃくにんいっしゅどうじょう へんじょうじかるたかい
We hold hyakujinichikubidojohenteriji karuta party
We feel sound of old words in Japan through 31-syllable Japanese poem and are lesson to bring up rich heart. We welcome visit, experience.
  • Name hyakujinichikubidojohenteriji karuta society
  • Schedule On Sunday, March 12, 2017, it is Sunday for 26 days
  • Time From 14:00
  • Location henterijihondo (alley)
  • Contact information henteriji
  • Phone number 0238-88-2285
  • URL
  • Admission Person family 1,000 yen (for heating charges from November to March) of 1000 yen per person (tatami mat charges / year)
  • Remarks As you may change the date and time by funeral services, please refer for person participating for the first time.
  • Others Object: From child before entrance to school to adult
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[Last updated] April 05, 2017
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