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Yamagata engineering department short-term college Symposium in Nagai made with town やまがたこうかたんきだいがっこう まちづくりしんぽじうむいんながい
We wait for college in Yamagata engineering department short term and hold symposium in Nagai made
It is made with town of Nagai who is full of the history and student plays a key role and, about suggestion about, holds symposium.
  • Name College waits for a short term Yamagata engineering department; symposium in Nagai made
  • Schedule Sunday, March 5, 2017 (holding simultaneous with graduation production exhibition)
  • Time From 13:30 to 16:00
  • Location Small cherry tree building
  • Contact information The Yamagata engineering department short-term college general affairs department
  • Phone number 0238-88-1971
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[Last updated] April 05, 2017
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