Fish notsukamidori meeting

Fish notsukamidori meeting さかなのつかみどりたいかい
Summer vacation Events
Can enjoy in parent and child; and for the best memory!
We utilize rich environment to have many people get close to river in Gomizawa district of the Arakawa source and hold "fish notsukamidori meeting".
  • Name Fish notsukamidori meeting
  • Schedule The end of July
  • Location 513, Gomizawa, Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata
  • Contact information Oguni-machi government office area Maintenance Division
  • Phone number 0238-62-2431
  • FAX number 0238-62-5464
  • Access It is northing approximately 18km from Route 113 Ogunikosakamachi grounds "the Kimuras confectionary" signal
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[Last updated] June 15, 2018
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