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[Mar] Asahi Local sake Festival ※It was finished※
Young sake and Tsugaru samisen to enjoy by spring cooking
The Mt. Oasahidake foot of a mountain, Suzuki brewing in Miyajuku, Asahi-machi are sake breweries more than founding 300 years.
We can thoroughly enjoy local sake of getting out Kura to the full.
With spring-limited young sake, you can enjoy dish and live performance of Tsugaru samisen to feel spring.

◇From date and time afternoon of Friday, March 10, 2017 6:30
◇Place hotel natural view large hall
◇Rate accommodation 9,800 yen one-day 5,400 yen
◇60 capacity  ※It completely needs reservations.
  • Name [Mar] Asahi Local sake Festival ※It was finished※
  • Date Friday, March 10, 2017
    ~ Friday, March 10, 2017
  • Location 745-1, Shirakura, Asahi-machi, Nishimurayama-gun
  • Contact information Asahi Shizenkan
  • Phone number 0237-83-7111
  • FAX number 0237-83-7112
  • URL
  • Access It is approximately 40 minutes by getting off at JR Aterazawa Line Aterazawa Station taxi
    From Yamagata Expressway Sagae IC approximately 50 minutes
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[Last updated] March 13, 2017
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