Michinoku Awa dance

Michinoku Awa dance みちのくあわおどり
If we jump and dance, let's enjoy whether one heart is full of smiles!
"Michinoku Awa dance" is carried out on Saturday every year in around Yamagata station square mall in the first in September.
Festival circle of Yamagata and various circles from child to student, member of society, Awa Folk Dance ream and dance ream, Awa Folk Dance ream of Fukushima, Miyagi of Tokyo played a key role and, with cooperation of each mall in front of Yamagata Station, settled as "Michinoku Awa dance" every year.
  • Name Michinoku Awa dance
  • Schedule Average year Sep first Saturday
  • Location Around Yamagata station square mall
  • Contact information Michinoku Awa dance Yamagata meeting
  • Phone number 090-2886-4080
  • URL https://www.facebook.com/michinokuawaodori
  • Parking lot Please use neighboring toll parking lots.
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[Last updated] July 28, 2016
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