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+ .*, ‥…━ ★ kaminoyamano cherry tree circulation
kaminoyamano spring when it is wrapped in fragrance of cherry tree slightly.
Do castle and superb view collaboration and kaminoyamanishika of cherry tree not go to see cherry tree "Nobuhide cherry tree" (shineizakura) which does not bloom?
Heart is cerise slightly in cherry tree and footbath, too♪
◇The kaminoyamano cherry tree average year from the middle of April to the end time

◇There is "kaminoyama cherry tree map, too". Please refer to Kaminoyama City Food Association.
  • Name + .*, ‥…━ ★ kaminoyamano cherry tree circulation
  • Schedule From the middle of April to the end
  • Location The Ueyama city
  • Contact information Sightseeing product association of Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 023-672-0839
  • FAX number 023-673-3622
  • URL
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