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Fresh snow tour "Maple Sapp collection experience" しんせつつあー めいぷるさっぷさいしゅたいけん
Experience-based "Maple Sapp collection" to be possible at clear stream and village of wild plants only at this time
Everybody is thing becoming maple syrup to know when we bring sap this of Itaya maple to a conclusion with Maple Sapp.
Drop of nature which we can gather only at this time
We are gathered in snowshoe to Mori
Lunch can taste Teuchi soba set meal of local people

Work experience or sled sliding play

Participation fee one 1,000 yen

Hosono, Obanazawa-shi village center meeting 10:00 ~
  • Name Fresh snow tour "Maple Sapp collection experience"
  • Date Saturday, February 24, 2018
    ~ Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Location Obanazawa-shi
  • Contact information Tokiwa, Obanazawa-shi public hall
  • Phone number 0237-28-2122
  • Admission 1000 yen per person
      (lunch, insurance, experience charges)
  • Remarks It becomes Hosono, Obanazawa-shi district village center meeting

        Address: 792-2, Hosono, Obanazawa-shi
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[Last updated] January 10, 2018
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