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Tsukioka Shrine It is Festivals in large quantities
■<Date and Time>
 From Sunday, January 14, 2018 18:00 until ignition ~ 20:00

 You thank for one-year perfect state of health, my wife safely, and please put **ryo.

 The Tsukioka Shrine precincts

 Tsukioka Shrine shrine office TEL. 023-672-2636

※All of you participating in Festivals in large quantities, please cooperate about the next point.
 ・You occupy vinyl plastics becoming outbreak source of dioxin, and mandarin orange of decoration removes, and please bring.
 ・Please refrain from carry-ons of thing in large quantities irrelevant to Festivals such as incombustibles such as glass, earthenware, metal, kagamimochi, doll, stuffed toy.
 (for security of participant, Shinto shrine person in charge confirms the contents)
 ・We establish place for fried votive object. Please obey showpiece, instructions of Shinto shrine person in charge.

・. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. *

We give parched beans of my wife security prayer to the first 400 people.

・. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. **. *

 We thank, and we pray for Old God bill, kadomatsu, and ** does one-year perfect state of health, security to gods who visited each family by festival event of small New Year holidays for New Year holidays, and Festivals is event to send by smoke of purifying fire (imibi) in large quantities.

 It is called "Festivals in large quantities" in our Shinto shrine, but is generally called "dondo firing" from "bonfire of the New Year's decorations" (heron grows) or force of the Tue in other areas. Children sing detachment from the six senses purification, and old God bill each brought at one corner from neighboring villages neighboring villages of the precincts, kadomatsu turns around, and it is lighted last by purifying fire of torch and lights the precincts, and it is given.

 When this Tue hits as "sacred fire" (goshimbi) sending gods who visited each family during New Year holidays, mind and body are cleansed, and there is legend to get protection of perfect state of health, my wife security for one year.
  • Name It is Festivals in large quantities Tsukioka Shrine
  • Date Sunday, January 14, 2018
    ~ Sunday, January 14, 2018
  • Location The Tsukioka Shrine precincts
  • Contact information Tsukioka Shrine shrine office
  • Phone number 023-672-2636
  • URL
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