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Taste "food" which satisfies heart
Japanese seafood

Japanese seafood

We can eat fresh seafood unloaded at the Shonai beach. Fishery products that the breeding, the body were firm by angry waves of the Sea of Japan are exquisite!

◎Oncorhynchus masou (in spring)

While we provide seasonal Oncorhynchus masou which we survived of fat in sushi restaurant of Shonai.

◎Rock kid (in the summer)

We can enjoy taste that is large-sized mil key which grew up in underflow water of Mt. Chokai-san. It is luxury of the best that stuff the mouth with summer rock kid!

■Association of reference Shonai sightseeing convention
TEL. 0235-68-2511
■Homepage "Yamagata Shonai sightseeing site"

Rock kid Oncorhynchus masou
Buddhist cuisine

Buddhist cuisine

Buddhist cuisine which is provided in for each three baskets place of Miyama from ancient times. Basho who came by "Oku-no-Hosomichi" pilgrimage was treated with Buddhist cuisine. Meal having produced seasonal wild plants and mushroom to material in Dewa San-zan in sankagosho wrapped in mysterious quietness is flavor according to status.
■Address Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi Mt. Haguro-san
■Reference Shinto priest-purification shelter (feather 3, Kuroyama basket place)
TEL.: 0235-62-2357
■Homepage "Dewasanzan shrine"

"Sightseeing spot" which sees, and is pleasant
Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda

Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda

Symbol of Mt. Haguro-san which is mountains mountaineering asceticism ground at the northeastern oldest tower to be informed when Masakado Taira founded. There are 1,000 years years old and said "grandfather cedar" near.
■Address 7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi
■Reference Haguro-cho tourist association
TEL. 0235-62-2500
■Homepage "Hagurocho, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata tourist association"

Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda
Tsuruoka City Kamo aquarium

Tsuruoka City Kamo aquarium

Jellyfish aquarium which the world accepted. Jellyfish flooding tank of 5m one of the world's largest in the biggest highlight. As for what was authorized with the number of the display kinds of jellyfish (more than 50 kinds) by world record. Pleasure full loading including sea lion show that is popular among children and feeding of black-tailed gull. There is restaurant which healthy dishes which used jellyfish for material can eat.
■Address 657-1, Okubo, Imaizumi, Tsuruoka-shi
■Inquiry TEL. 0235-33-3036
■Homepage "Tsuruoka City Kamo aquarium"

Sankyo Soko [warehouse]

Sankyo Soko [warehouse]

U.S. storage warehouse which was built in 1893 (Meiji 26). White wall, seating capacity of warehouse consisting of 12 making of storehouse of rice 10,800 tons (180,000). Wisdom of ancient people using nature is made use of, agriculture warehouse where is active now. Sightseeing in Sakata-shi product building and Shonaimai history museum add. Zelkova row of trees named ream of 36 zelkovas more than 150 years years old is the highlight.
■Address 1-1-20, Sankyomachi, Sakata-shi
■Reference Sakata tourism production association
TEL. 0234-24-2233
■Homepage "Sakata tourism production association Sakata walk"

Sankyo Soko [warehouse]
The 16 Arhats stones

The 16 Arhats stones

Fukura Sea temple belonging to the Zen sect 21 daikankaiwanao hangs time for conduct five years in local masons in hope of the prosperity of Buddhism and relief of all creatures; and is completion in image of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff in 22 in 1868. 22 in 16 Rakan with Sakyamuni, Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Samantabhadra-bodhisattva, the Kannon, Buddha's bones Buddha, three images of eyes lotus in total.
It is the Sea of Japan side to be engraved into reef with all these scale, and only here and the history are valuable historically. 100 selections of history culture property (the Fisheries Agency choice) of fishery fishing village which we want to leave in the future
■Address Fukura, Yuza-machi, Akumi-gun west shield
■Reference Yuzachokai Tourist Association of Nonprofit Organization
TEL. 0234-72-5666
■Homepage "Juroku Rakan Rock" (Yuza Chokai Tourism Association)

The 16 Arhats stones The 16 Arhats stones
Chido Museum Chido Museum

Chido Museum

We released place where it was outermost outworks of former Tsurugaoka castle, order mansion of the Shonai feudal lord Sakais as museum. Former Nishitagawa-gun government office and Taso Minka Private Houses of country designation important cultural property, precious historic building including former Tsuruoka police station Government building are removed and rebuilt among them. In addition, store displays eight kinds of important materiality folk cultural assets including articles daily used by people showing life culture of garden of rare Shoin-zukuri and Shonai district 5,350 points.
■Address 10-18, Kachushinmachi, Tsuruoka-shi
■Inquiry TEL. 0235-22-1199
■Business Hours
 From March to November from 9:00 to 17:00 (until admission 16:30)
 From December to February from 9:00 to 16:30 (until admission 16:00)
 From December to Wednesday of February
 From December 28 to January 4
■Homepage "todohakubutsukan"

Chido Museum Chido Museum Chido Museum
"Hot spring" which enters, and is comfortable
Yutagawa Onsen

Yutagawa Onsen

In open hot water 1300, it is called "back room of Tsuruoka" for a long time. We were loved in much Bunjin Bokkaku (Writers and Artists). Moso-jiru and wild plants dishes which plum of Bairin Park blooms in spring, and are produced from neighboring bamboo forest are unrivaled articles.
■Address Yutagawa, Tsuruoka-shi hot spring
■Reference Yutagawa Onsen tourist association
TEL. 0235-35-4111
■Homepage "Yutagawa Onsen tourist association"

Yunohama Onsen

Yunohama Onsen

Open hot water 1,000 years. Hot springs resort where is lined with modern hotel, inns along the shore. Open-air bath while we look at setting sun setting in the Sea of Japan which was chosen as very large sandy beach characterized by Shirahama Beach of approximately 1km to spread in front and "Japanese setting sun 100 selections" is grandiosity.
■Address Yunohama, Tsuruoka-shi
■Reference Yunohama Onsen tourist association
TEL. 0235-75-2258
■Homepage "Yunohama Onsen tourist association"

Atsumi Onsen

Atsumi Onsen

Atmospheric hot spring resort where soft hot water and sound of clear stream are comfortable. We show going up of salmon and seasonal expression in spring in sweetfish fishing, autumn in cherry tree, summer and recommend the Atsumi-gawa River banks of a river flowing through hot-spring resort to walk. Hot-spring resort where contact with local people is fun in morning market and public bathhouse.
■Address Atsumi, Tsuruoka-shi
■Reference Atsumi Tourism Association
TEL. 0235-43-3547
■Homepage: 「Atsumi Tourism Association

Yura Hot Springs

Yura Hot Springs

Romance of Yaotome legend is proud of scenery that the Sea of Japan is beautiful in the breathing hot-spring village.
Hot-spring village of superb view which the setting sun and Shiroyama Island weave
In accommodation, we can taste fresh dishes using fish produced in Yura fishing port.
When bridge painted in red is built over symbol "Shiroyama Island" of Yura Coast and crosses bridge, there are paths of fishing pond and walk to be able to enjoy in families casually.
Contrast that Shiroyama Island weaves to setting sun sinking into the Sea of Japan is right superb view.
■Location Yura, Tsuruoka-shi
■Contact information Yura Onsen Tourist Association TEL. 0235-73-2250

Yura Hot Springs