Trip to Yamagata

Mogami Sanju-san Kannon

Sacred place of middle of a journey - mountain worship from sacred place of mountain worship to the seashore named excellent hot water ream, Dewa San-zan of Mt. Gassan, Mt. Haguro-san, Mount Yudono. Mountaineering ascetic aims at height of mind, and way of heart that old kara where we gathered worshipers from each place of Japan follows is piled up on way of Sanju-san Kannon pilgrimage. Open hallowed ground revived after misfortune of the abolition by daimegumihigashisuiwanao and others of Mt. Haguro-san Kotaku-ji Temple once. We begin with Fukayama whom chill drifts, and, in the label place around Shonai plains that overflowed in blessing of meal, it is in support of important heart to gather prayer of still many people.

Mt. Haguro-san, Arasawa temple
Mt. Haguro-san, Shozen-in Temple
Mt. Haguro-san, Kongoju-in Temple
Long Takiyama, Zenko-ji
Mt. Fukuchi, Chogen-ji Temple
Mt. peach forest, eiwashiji
White fox mountain, light star temple
The House of Mt. Terao, law light
The House of Mt. Sugio, guardian deity of children
Mount Yudono total main hall of a temple general rules Dainichibo Temple
ryomosan, jijiin
See; dragon mountain, Entsuuji
Mt. Toro-zan, Soko-ji Temple
Mt. Torin-zan, takara*ji
Plum branch mountain, jokeiji
Mt. Honi-zan, ryu*ji
Mt. pine river, sea temple belonging to the Zen sect
Mt. Buddhist saint with healing powers, Toko-ji Temple
Straight Ishiyama, Enmeiji
Mt. Chokai-san, stem temple
Mt. King Haru, light country temple
Mt. Chokai-san, pine leaf temple
Mt. clear stream, sinus spring temple
Mt. light country, shodenji
Mt. Manzai, cold rock temple
Light Ishiyama, Palace of the Dragon King temple
Obiyama, long fortune temple
Obiyama, Ioka temple
Niiyama, dragon Kakuji
Mt. ascetic practices mountain, south temple
High Terayama, Shoko-ji Temple
Mount Yudono, Churen-ji Temple
Large Hakusan, Kichijoji
Fri Mineyama, Shouryu-ji
keikosan, Kannon-ji Temple
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