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Taste "food" which satisfies heart
Yonezawa beef

Yonezawa beef

It is said that Yonezawa beef stands in Matsusaka beef and Kobe cow representing national Japanese beef and is counted to "the Japan's three biggest Japanese beef". Taste to be enraptured by steak to shabu-shabu is exquisite.
■The reference Yonezawa beef noren society secretariat
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Yamagata is noodles consumption prefecture of whole country one! Okitama is treasure house of ramen and can enjoy various taste in that.

<Yonezawa ramen>

Characteristic of Yonezawa ramen is soup of soy sauce taste with "curl thin noodles" plainly. It is taste feeling nostalgic for slightly.
■Association of sightseeing in reference (no company) Yonezawa convention
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<ramen of Nanyo-shi>

There is project called "Nanyo-shi government office ramen section R&R project" in Nanyo-shi how, and taste is a great variety of, too. We will look for you taste in Nanyo!
■Reference Nanyo City Tourism Association
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<Horse meat ramen>

Delicacy that Chinese noodles which appeared of Horse meat are low-calorie and want to eat by the exquisite finish wearing well again plainly.
■Reference Nagai-shi tourist association
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Climate where Yamagata Prefecture was suitable for fruit tree cultivation. Naturally we are suitable for grape and become the Tohoku's greatest wine production center. In addition, there are 14 wineries in the prefecture, and Okitama has seven of half. Please taste good quality of wine made in place of Okitama.

<visit, winery which we can sample>

※Please inquire for the latest schedule.
Sakai winery (980, Akayu, Nanyo-shi)
Oura wine (312, Akayu, Nanyo-shi)
Sato wine (1072-2, Akayu, Nanyo-shi)
Sudo wine factory (2836, Akayu, Nanyo-shi)
Takahata Winery (2700-1, Nukanome, Takahata-machi)

"Sightseeing spot" which sees, and is pleasant
Dahlia garden

Flower pilgrimage

There is many flower Park which can enjoy flower every season including cherry tree in Okitama district.

◎Cherry tree

The Eboshiyama Sembon-zakura (1000 Cherry blossoms of Mt. Eboshi) (Nanyo-shi /4 Mon from the middle to the end) twelfth Akayu Kannon


The Kannon of Iris Park (Nagai-shi /6 Mon from the middle to the beginning of July) tenth shrine


Kawanishi Dariya Garden (Kawanishi-machi /8 Mon from the end to the beginning of November) 14 banokireikanon


Donden-daira lily garden (Iide-machi /6 Mon from the middle to the beginning of July) eleventh Hagyu Kannon others

It is indication at time of flowering, and flowering time is mixed up by natural condition.
■(reference) Than homepage "sightseeing in Okitama Sanju-san Kannon bill place society Official Website / Okitama district information"

Eboshiyama Park Ayame garden
Forest of Marudai fanmaker / education

Forest of Marudai fanmaker / education

Of approximately 300 years at place where the history of Nagai-shi, culture, art gather merchant "Marudai fanmaker" proud of the history stays. Machiya-type building affected by Kyoto, Osaka where there were Mogami River water transportation and interchange is kept as valuable cultural assets to leave feature at the time for and it is can observe. In addition, "chonumakosanhorikoku*kan" displaying work of sculptor Kozo Naganuma in the facility from this family is established.
■Address 1-11-7, Tookamachi, Nagai-shi
■Forest of reference education is long
TEL. 0238-88-4151
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Uesugi Jinja Shrine

Uesugi Jinja Shrine

Shinto shrine which is dedicated to ancestors of a family, Kenshin Uesugi of person of Yonezawa feudal clan Uesugi. It is famous spot of cherry tree and is built in the center of Matsu-ga-saki Park which is Yonezawa Castle trace, and there is treasury "keishoden next to main shrine, too".
■Address 1, Marunouchi, Yonezawa-shi
■Association of sightseeing in reference (no company) Yonezawa convention
TEL. 0238-21-6226
■Homepage "castle town Yonezawa of Uesugi"

"Hot spring" which enters, and is comfortable
Akayu Onsen

Akayu Onsen

In 1093, younger brother justice rope of Hachimantaro Yoshiie is said to have discovered. It is in famous spot of cherry tree, the foot of Eboshiyama Park. Uesugi feudal lord prospered as arrival, palace hot water, too.
■Address Akayu, Nanyo-shi
■Reference Akayu Onsen inn cooperative
TEL. 0238-43-3114
■Homepage "Akayu Onsen" (group of Akayu Onsen inn cooperation)

Onogawa Onsen

Onogawa Onsen

It is told to have done open hot water by way sugara oracle dream that Onono Komachi visits whereabouts of father. We appoint in Ministry of the Environment "Furusato Ikimono-no-Sato (Village of Natural life)" as village of firefly.
■Address Onogawamachi, Yonezawa-shi
■Reference Onogawa Onsen inn association
TEL. 0238-32-2740
■Homepage "Onogawa Onsen" (Onogawa Hot Springs Sightseeing Council)