Trip to Yamagata

Mogami Sanju-san Kannon

Simple hallowed ground that was followed in area. What established 33 hallowed ground is informed widow ship of chief vassal, Kanetsugu Naoe of Uesugi feudal clan which ruled - or connections, the ground of Okitama with flower circulation, visiting bath with opening so that Kannon worship is ardent, and it is possible for Kannon pilgrimage in territory. Thereafter solemn hallowed ground is protected carefully by hand of local people while being simple, and foot of a mountain of every direction and countryside full of light are dotted with scenery of prayer around season with flowers including cherry tree.

The upper Kosuge Kannon
The Takamine Kannon
The Kurosawa Kannon
The Nakamura Kannon
The Kunomoto Kannon
The Tokiniwa Kannon
The high ball Kannon
The Fukayama Kannon
The Sugisawa Kannon
The Kannon of shrine
The Hagyu Kannon
Akayu St. Kannon
The Seki temple Kannon
The eyes Kannon of Tue
The Ayukai Kannon
The Ashisawa Kannon
The Niiyama Kannon
The Sasano Kannon
The Buddha Hill Kannon
The Onogawa Kannon
The Hirono Kannon
The Kawai Kannon
The Kuwayama Kannon
The red turf Kannon
The Toyama Kannon
The Takaoka Kannon
The Miyazaki Kannon
The Hase Kannon
The Iragawa Kannon
The Mori Kannon
The Mt. Tozuka Kannon
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