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Taste "food" which satisfies heart
Soba noodles

3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way

Murayama, Mogami area where there are a lot of delicious noodle shops. Fragrant, high "Itasoba" which we served in wooden container in "3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way" consisting of houses of farm village tradition that 13 noodle shops and Soba Making Experience are made above all is recommendation.
■Address Murayama-shi
■Reference Murayama-shi business and industry sightseeing section
TEL. 0237-55-2111
■Homepage "3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way"
Or "Murayama sightseeing nabi" (association of sightseeing in Murayama-shi product)

Shinjyo , mogamisoba way (Shinjyo and others)

We can taste good exquisite side of fragrance, taste, resistance to the teeth including native species "Mogami premature delivery" (mogamiwase) of Mogami district. Please enjoy side way spreading out in 3, \L1 city and \L2 towns village including Shinjo-shi.
■Area Shinjo-shi, Kaneyamamachi, Funagata-machi, Mogami-machi, Okura-mura, Sakegawa-mura, Tozawa-mura, Mamurogawa-machi
■Contact information Shinjyo , mogamisoba way meeting
■TEL. 0233-23-7733
■Homepage "side we meet" (Shinjyo , mogamisoba way meeting)


Orchard, cafe

Orchard where cafe was added to becomes popular.
We introduce two orchards, cafes here.

Prefecture fruit picking information is Yamagata Prefecture sightseeing portal
To "Trip to Yamagata"
TEL. 023-647-2333

Takahashi fruit land, HATAKE Cafe

HATAKE Cafe which Sankurambo and peach, la France, fresh and young fruit various sweets including grape can enjoy. Lunch using vegetables of company Farm is recommended, too.
■Address Amidachi, Kaminoyama-shi Shiozaki former 1368-3
■Contact information TEL. 023-673-4706
■Business hours [the late May and late November] from 8:30 to 16:00
     [HATAKE Cafe] From 9:30 to 15:30
■Without holiday during closed day period (in HATAKE Cafe Thursday fixed closing day)
■Admission Cut Sankurambo; 30 minutes 1,600 yen

Osho orchard

Sightseeing orchard largest in the prefecture that continued being loved for many years. We can enjoy parfait which we used Sankurambo for abundantly in designer shop & cafe of the direct management.
■Address Tendo-shi, Yamagata 1303, Kawarago
■Contact information TEL. 023-657-3211
■Business Hours From 8:30 to 17:00
[shop] From 9:00 to 17:00
[cafe] From 9:00 to 16:00
■It is without holiday for the closed day mid-May and the end of November
■Admission Cut Sankurambo; 1,500 yen ~ (vary according to time, plans)
■Homepage "Osho orchard"

Peach Grapes
"Sightseeing spot" which sees, and is pleasant
Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

Old historic temple which represents Tohoku to be informed when Jikaku Daishi founded by Imperial grant of the Emperor Seiwa in December, 860 (Jogan 2). Seasonal scenery is superb view. Eminent haiku poet Basho Matsuo comes with disciple Sora, Kawai in 1689 (Genroku 2) and stays for one night and has apt remarks of "voice of cicada sinking into calmness and rock" for "Oku-no-Hosomichi".
■Address 4456-1, Yamadera, Yamagata-shi
■Reference Risshaku-ji Temple main gate of a Buddhist temple office TEL. 023-695-2843
■Admission fee For more details, to homepage "Hojusan Risshaku Temple"

Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple
Jionji, Motoyama Jionji, Motoyama

Jionji, Motoyama

Big temple to be transmitted through when the Brahman bishop opened by Imperial command of the Emperor Shomu in 746 (Tenpyo 18). The precincts are lined with Amitabha hall, temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls, the main gate of a Buddhist temple, triple towers solemnly, and cultural assets such as Buddha statue, Buddhist painting from peaceful last years to the Muromachi era exist much.
■Location 31, Jionji, Sagae-shi
■Contact information TEL. 0237-87-3993
■Visit reception desk: From 8:30 to 16:00
■Open 365 days a year
■Visit rate:
 ●(Individual Visitors) … Adult 500 yen
 ●Group (more than 15 people) … Adult 300 yen
※Display period is excluded especially.
■Homepage "Jionji, Motoyama"

See beech and one of huge tree; corridor trekking (Mogami)

Genso-no-Mori (forest)

There is the history that we left without cutting huge tree by sacred tree faith for a long time in Mogami area, and more than 100 huge trees exist. Above all, in "Genso-no-Mori (forest) that huge tree of Tsuchiyu cedar grows in colonies," mysterious scene that branch divided into plural number from the root lengthens to the sky opens.
■Location Furukuchi, Tozawa-mura Tsuchiyu
■Contact information Tozawa Village Tourisms Association TEL. 0233-72-2110

"Hot spring" which enters, and is comfortable
Zao Hot Springs Zao Hot Springs

Zao Hot Springs

Excellent hot water of Oshu of open hot water tradition 1900. A certain Zao Hot Springs is the oldest Ideyu Hot Springs in Ou Mitaka hot water in halfway up a mountain of Zao Peaks, comfortable plateau. Is said to work for dermatopathia and stomach and intestines disease with strong acid sulfurous spring, as for the nickname of "Hime-no-Yu Hot Springs" "Bijin-no-Yu Hot Springs."
There is large outdoor bath which can enjoy bathing in nature in public bath, and relax slowly and can taste open feeling only in open-air bath.
■Location Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi
■Reference Association of Zao Hot Springs Tourism TEL. 023-694-9328
■Homepage "Association of Zao Hot Springs Tourism"

Tendo Hot Springs

Tendo Hot Springs

Open hot water is 1911. Ideyu Hot Springs blends with shogi piece of special product and brings on unique zero wall mind. Facilities including open-air bath and Japanese-style accommodation are fulfilling. In kyuikoitoko of bright red Nodategasa Umbrella of proprietresses suggestion.
■Address 〒 994-0024 1-3-38, Kamata, Tendo-shi, Yamagata Tendo Hot Springs cooperative secretariat
Is car than Yamagata Airport; approximately 15 minutes
■Reference Tendo Hot Springs cooperative secretariat TEL. 023-653-6146
■It varies according to rate use facilities
■Homepage "Tendo, Yamagata hot spring portal site" (the Tendo Hot Springs cooperative secretariat)

Tendo Hot Springs
Kaminoyama Hot Spring

Kaminoyama Hot Spring

Historical hot-spring resort more than open hot water 555 years. From legend that crane healed wound with hot water another name "Tsurusune-no-Yu Hot Springs." Consist of 6 districts of Shin-Yu, Yumachi, Tokamachi, Hayama, Takamatsu, Kawasaki, seven public bathhouses. As for thin slope around the Kaminoyama-jo Castle, cityscape which it was castle town including samurai residence, and prospered as post town and the free footbathing (five places).
■Address 6-26, Motojonai, Kaminoyama-shi and the neighboring whole area
■Reference Kaminoyama Hot Springs inn association TEL. 023-672-1456
■Homepage: 「Yamagata Prefecture, Kaminoyama Hot Spring (Kaminoyama City Food Association)

Kaminoyama Hot Spring
Ginzan Hot Springs

Ginzan Hot Springs

After having prospered as one of the Japan's three biggest silver mine in 1456 (Kosho 2), we are known as spa. Evening landscape that wet stone pavement shines in in wooden accommodation built across Ginzan-gawa River from the Taisho era and gaslight and night fog, winter snow scene are superb views.
We can enjoy three public bathhouses and public bathhouse reservations bathhouse, footbathing (free).
■Address Ginzan, Obanazawa-shi
■Reference Ginzan Hot Spring Tourist Information Center TEL. 0237-28-3933
■Homepage "Ginzan Hot Springs"

Ginzan Hot Springs Ginzan Hot Springs Ginzan Hot Springs
Semi Hot Springs

Semi Hot Springs

Legend that Yoshitsune party who aimed at Hiraizumi found remains to escape from pursuer of Yoritomo Minamoto in the bank of clear stream Oguni-gawa River. We pulled steam peacefully in among the mountains, and hot spring of glen that reflected bather on the surface of the water of Oguni-gawa River made bustle look for a long time as Shinjyo back room. "Steam hot water" which steam warms from core of body by all means trial.
■Address Ohori, Mogami-machi
■Reference Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association TEL. 0233-42-2123
■Homepage "Semi Hot Springs"

Semi Hot Springs
Sakurambo Higashine Onsen

Sakurambo Higashine Onsen

Hot-spring village that overlooks open hot water, Mt. Gassan, Hayama, the mountains of Asahidake in 1910.
In public bathhouse (five places) and the footbath of local visitor purveyor.
Bitter yellowish brown hot water warms from core of body.
■Location 1-8-23, Onsenmachi, Higashine-shi
■Reference Higashine Hot Springs cooperative TEL. 0237-42-7100
■Homepage: 「Sakurambo Higashine Onsen (Higashine Hot Springs cooperative)

Sakurambo Higashine Onsen
Akakura Onsen

Akakura Onsen

Jikaku Daishi is said to have found in the middle of countries pilgrimage.
Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) which Basho Matsuo comes, and comes up in "Oku-no-Hosomichi" is famous.
Atmospheric hot spring where Oguni-gawa River flows through every direction to in hot-spring resort among mountains.
■Location 817-1, Tomizawa, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun
■Contact information Akakura Onsen tourist association TEL. 080-1660-4083
■Homepage "Akakura Onsen tourist association"

Sagae Onsen

Sagae Onsen

Bath flowing constantly from the source 100% natural in Sagae Onsen that blew out in 1954. There are various spa facilities including rose bath, Sun return hot spring, footbath and, above all, rose bath using rose of special product is wrapped in elegant fragrance and can be relaxed, and fair skin effect is quite popular with preeminence and women, too.
You can enjoy rose bath in cooking inn Yoshimoto (TEL: 0237-84-2138), two places of Hotel symphony annex (TEL: 0237-83-1222). Please refer beforehand by all means.
■It is 2-10 minutes on foot from access Sagae Station
      From Sagae I.C. car ten minutes
■Reference Sagae Onsen cooperative
TEL. 0237-86-2131
■Homepage "Sagae Onsen"